Do People Still Use CB Radios

Why Do People Still Use CB Radios?

Why do people still use CB radios? The CB craze started during the 1973 gas crisis. Unlike today’s high-tech communication tools, CB radios were not invented for roadside emergencies, but rather as novelty items. It was a fun fad fueled by movies like Star Wars and Cabbage Patch Kids. And even though they are not used anymore, their popularity never really waned.

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Craze of CB Radios

In the late 1970s, the gas shortage triggered a craze for CB radios. Federal law had mandated a 55-mph speed limit for trucks, so frustrated truckers turned to CB radios to get information. And because of the Federal Communications Commission’s elimination of the license requirement, CB radios became a surprisingly inexpensive way to get involved in an exotic new culture. This craze could be considered a forerunner of social media, as users assumed multiple identities and shared whatever information they wished.

Essential Piece of Equipment for Motorists

CB radios became an essential piece of equipment for motorists, also known as citizen band radios. Truckers used CB radios to share information about gas prices and speed traps, and one trucker even used his radio to coordinate a blockade on the interstate highways in eastern Pennsylvania. At the time, this was an unprecedented demonstration of public protest and was the impetus for the creation of a CB radio.

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CB Radios are Useful During Emergency Situations

Large companies also benefit from CB radios. These are useful during emergency situations when landlines and cell towers are down. Moreover, the radio’s frequencies are unaffected by bad weather, which is an advantage over other forms of communication such as data networks and Wi-Fi. Emergency responders also use CB radios to provide assistance to drivers in situations where cellphones or landlines are not functioning.

Many types of CB radios are used for emergency situations, including police and security personnel. Assembly line workers can also use them. CB radios are also a good option for firefighters in a disaster area, as they can provide instant communications even from miles away. However, they are not the best option for use in every situation.

CB Radio with the Code 10-33

A CB radio is useful for emergency communications because it can be received by a number of people, including first responders. A base station is able to listen for emergency signals on channel nine, which is designated as National Emergency and Highway Assistance. A CB radio with the code 10-33 can be used during a life-threatening situation, and it will clear the frequency for other users. When using a CB radio during an emergency, it is important to follow all of the rules set by the FCC and the regulations for use of the radio.

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Advantages to CB Radios

There are many advantages to CB radios.

  • Not only can they provide information on traffic conditions, including rest stops, but they can also be a great way to communicate with other CB enthusiasts.
  • They can be used to report emergencies, as well as listen to long-distance communications.
  • They were even cheaper than cell phones.
  • This was an even bigger reason to start using them in the first place, because you could get to meet new people who share the same interest.
  • Plus, CB was a great way to socialize with others.
  • Using CB radios can keep you safe in some cases, as cell phone reception can be poor or nonexistent in certain areas.
  • Having a CB radio in your car can allow you to communicate with other drivers in the fastest and safest way possible, and you won’t be paying a monthly bill.
  • While cell phones can help in a roadside emergency, they can also be a potential source of injury. Therefore, a CB radio may be a better option. Read More
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