Top 10 Best Anime Action Movies to Watch

Top 10 Best Anime Action Movies to Watch

Anime Action Movies are very amazing to see because they are from Japan and their animation is very unique to look at. Not only the children but also the adults are in love with this type of movie and that is why there are many movies released in this category on daily basis. When you will go on 9 anime then there are many famous movies you can watch in this regard like


This is an anime action movie which was released in 1988 but still, a huge number of the population is in love with this movie. The lead character in this movie fights with social elements in order to protect his friend. The movie is very supernatural which is why you will be able to love this movie.

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Street Fighter II

If you are in love with anime action movies, especially from Japan then this is the movie you can watch in the anime category.  Everyone is familiar with the Street Fighter game which is very popular around the globe and the movie related to that can make you relate with the title character.

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Ghost in the Shell

The ghost in the shell anime action movie is very amazing to look at.  It has many parts from which you can choose or you can watch all of them. It is an action-oriented movie but also along with them it will give you a Philosophical touch.

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There have been many games made in the title of Pokémon and they are very popular among people.  If you will just find the Pokémon game on your Play Store then you will find that millions of people have already downloaded it and played it on a daily basis.  The anime action movie related to death is very watchable and very popular also.

Ninja Scroll

Anime action movies are mostly made in Japan. The anime action movies aren’t free of the motion films and because of this, you have to watch The Ninja Scroll.  In this movie, you will find a unique kind of animation which is very attractive but also very dark. The action collection in this film may be very appealing and will also make you competitive however with the ideal process.

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This movie is about a person who wants to get Recognition from his peers and has the dream to become the leader of the village. The animation of this anime action movie is somewhat futuristic in other words it is very relatable to Hollywood movies. This movie is very appropriate for the children also.

Pretty Cure

This movie is very appropriate for the children in which the Girl group is in the lead. Mostly the girls are in love with this anime action movie and for that reason, you can watch it.

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It is one of the most popular anime action movies in the world and has been also showcased on TV. It is appropriate for every age group but mostly the children are in love with this movie.

Sailor Moon

You will be happy and amazed to find that this type of anime action movie is dealing with the social norms in the world. It is going to Target some of the important messages which can be seen by the adult and the children together.

My Neighbor Totoro

This anime action movie is appropriate for the children and in this movie you will also be able to find the ghost which can be a new addition to the anime movies to Remember.

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