Some Reasons for the Closure of Stickam

After a year of rapid growth, Stickam has experienced a decline in traffic and viewership. While its video-sharing platform was a popular destination for underage users, it has faced a number of challenges over the past few years, including the closure of the site in 2013.

Stickam is a Video Streaming Website

Stickam is a popular video streaming website that focuses on live streams. In addition, to live video, the website also allows users to create debates and chat rooms. Users who want to engage in these activities can use their account credentials to create the room, and administrators can control the settings. For example, if you’re a member of Facebook, you can use your Stickam account to invite friends to watch your broadcasts.

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Features a Variety of Options

The website is free to use and features a variety of options. You can join a public or private chat room, post photos, or videos, join group discussions, and add friends. You do not need to register to use Stickam, but the privacy settings may prevent others from viewing your live video chat without registration. You can also add friends and edit your account settings, like the name and profile picture. For privacy reasons, Stickam may not be suitable for children.

It is a Competitor to Sticam

When Stickam first launched in 2005, it had six million monthly users and 10 million registered users, but it struggled to compete with the other video services. Charles is a web developer by day and is a big supporter of the Maker movement. His hobbies include building things, and he’s made 3D printers and custom PC cooling systems. He has an expensive addiction to astronomy and home automation.


Another great competitor to Stickam is IBM Cloud Video.


Another competitor to Stickam, Omegle, allows users to video chat with strangers without having to register.


It is a free video chat community with an unlimited number of viewers. It is an ideal platform for lifecasting, offering a variety of channels and 1,500+ hours of live video each month.

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Resignation of Alex Becker

In July 2007, the New York Times published an article about the site Stickam. The site allowed 600,000 registered users to participate in unfiltered video chats. The owner of Stickam also operated a “vast network” of porn sites, sharing office space, employees, and computer systems with the other websites. According to a former employee quoted in the article, this practice was common in the video chat site’s early days.

In 2007, Alex Becker, a vice president at Stickam, said the company shared office space, computer systems, and employees with other adult sites. In response to the accusations, he resigned from the company, citing concerns that Stickam was not doing enough to protect its teenage users. The company subsequently suspended all live streams, which are watched by more than one million users. According to Stickam’s spokesman, the company has a dedicated team of employees to monitor and remove inappropriate material.

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It Was Closed in 2013

The site’s popularity soared and was even named one of the top video destinations for teens by Nielsen. Stickam is now closed, but its content lives on through many other websites.

It Was Used by Musicians to Stream Live Performances

During its time, Stickam became a popular place for musicians and scene kids. Some of the biggest stars on the site included Kiki Kannibal and Bobby Mares of My Genuine Find. The site also courted controversy. One risque teen girl, Kiki Kannibal, became a sensation on Stickam before resigning after stalking. The site’s popularity was eclipsed by competitors with more general focuses, including Ustream, Livestream, Google Hangouts, and YouTube Live. GayGod, for example, now runs his videos on YouTube and makes money off of the revenue sharing from each video. It has since expanded to include live shows and produced content from CBS Radio, MTV, and G4 TV. Many musicians have used Stickam as a platform for live streaming performances. Musicians often stream their live performances through the service.

In addition to allowing musicians to stream live performances, Stickam is also used by celebrities, including the singer Wynnona Judd, who recently performed on Stickam for paying fans. Its social features and low-resolution video quality have led to a highly competitive environment for musicians. Some artists have even been able to get free advertising space in exchange for streaming their live performances.

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It is a Social Network for Underage Users

The company Advanced Video Communications, which develops videoconferencing systems for companies, launched Stickam late last year. Stickam has strict age restrictions and does not allow users under 14 to register. However, the CEO of the company admits that the policy is unenforceable. Stickam plans to build a production studio in Los Angeles to create original content. To achieve that, the company plans to make its own videos.

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Underage users may be unaware of the risks of Stickam. The free service, which lets users post videos anonymously, has been accused of attracting sexual predators. Some media outlets have raised concerns about Stickam being a magnet for underage users. While some Web experts believe there is a danger with Stickam, others say it is safe for kids. But there is an ongoing debate about the site’s suitability for teenagers.

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