Litter Box Training

How to Train Your Kitten to Use the Litter Box?

Bringing a kitten at home means you to work a lot on training and teaching basic etiquette to your new little pet. Kittens are not trained before, so if you plan to bring a kitten at home you need to be extra careful and active.

Cats are super-intelligent and they learn things quickly. So, training a kitten seems an easy task too, but you have to be patient and stay calm because things take time. Kitten training involves a lot of steps from recognizing their names to litter box training and where to sleep.

Besides this, you also have to create a proper setup for your kitten to play and enjoy. Cats like playing a lot, especially the kittens, so providing them with a lot of toys and a place to play will be a great idea. Bringing a cat tree in this respect can be a great help for your cat.

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As the cat trees are ideal for cats and kittens to play and sleep. A cat tree contains different levels and each level is specifically designed according to the cat’s desire. So, bringing it for your cat or kitten be helpful and here you can make a better decision to choose the right one for your kitty.

When talking about kitten training some tips that can help you in this respect are:

  • Recognizing their Name Training

How cool is this when you call your kitten comes to you upon calling? But for this, you first need to provide him with training to recognize and learn the name. Teaching your kitten its name can take from a week to a couple of weeks depending on how quickly your kitten learns things. Some kittens learn their names super-quickly and some may take time. The best way to teach names is using treats or different learning tricks.

  • Teaching Sit on Command

Teaching the sit-on command is another important part of kitten training. Teaching this command to your kitten is important to improve the behaviour. This training is also not too difficult, say out “sit” in a louder voice. Repeat this process several times till your kitty learns this command. Do not forget to give a reward to your kitten as it will boost his confidence and appreciates his efforts.

  • Teaching Eating Etiquettes

Developing eating etiquette in your pets is an essential part of the training. No one likes it whenever you are eating your meals your pets start climbing toward your pet. It is very common in cats if you do not teach them eating habits.

To avoid this happening set a proper eating schedule for your cat and feed him/her three times a day. Stop excessive feeding or feeding straight out of your dining table. If you do this then your kitty will think that it is normal to ask for food whenever you are eating something.

  • Litter Box Training

Out of all the, most important and essential training that you should never try to neglect is litter box training. If you do not want to make your house look like trash and smell bad then this training is a must for your kitten.

It is also very important to teach your kitten at an early age to use the litter box to make it a habit as he or she grows up. Teaching this habit to grown-up cats can be a tough task. Use a high-quality litter box that is also easy to clean. So, you do not have to face a lot of difficulties while cleaning it.

  • Using Bed Training

Cats are pets that love sleeping and they spend 16-18 hours a day sleeping. To provide your kitten with a comfortable sleep it is important to train them to use cat beds. Using a cat’s bed training is also necessary as it maintains a space between you and your kitten.

The majority of the people do not like sharing a bed with cats. For this purpose, a cat bed will be a better option. If your kitten is not trained to use it then no matter how expensive or comfortable the bed you bring it will remain useless.

Again, treats or your kitten’s favourite toys can help him use the bed to sleep. At the time of sleep during the night encourage your kitten to use the bed and once he obeys this command reward him with a treat. So, he will know whenever he will go to bed, he will be going to get a treat.


Kitten training is an essential and the most important part of bringing it home. Although this training is not that much easy as it sounds and it takes proper time. But a little effort and time can make it easier. To make it further easy listed above are a few tips that can be helpful.

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