How to spoiler images on Discord Mobile

How to spoiler images on Discord Mobile 2022?

You may build communities, contact individuals, and stay in touch with your pals on the expansive Discord platform. It allows for texting, calling, and even video chatting with other users.

It is a highly flexible piece of software that may be utilized on a PC or a mobile device. This post will teach you how to mark a picture on Android and Apple mobile devices as a spoiler if you want to make sure you don’t ruin anything by displaying it.

Spoiler an Image on Discord Mobile step-by-step Guide

On a PC, it is much easier to understand how to spoil a picture in Discord. You’ll need to utilize one of the standard techniques on a mobile device to expand the selections in many applications.

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Step 1: In the text box, click the Plus button

Pressing the + button will provide the ability to include an image in your message next to the text field where you write your words.

You can submit multiple images at once and mark them individually as spoilers if needed. Remember this option the next time you send a message with spoilers to prevent others from immediately seeing sensitive information or content.

Step 2: Decide which picture you wish to ruin

Look through the pictures and choose the one you want to ruin and share. Choose a picture from your phone’s gallery to send as a Discord spoiler.

As you can see in the screenshot below, we chose the cat on the right as a representative example for the aforementioned use. When choosing a picture, it won’t transmit right away!

Step 3: Tap and hold the chosen picture

Now the text box area should have the chosen picture. To open the picture choices box, touch and hold that image for a little moment before tapping open.

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Step 4: Tick the box labelled “Mark as a spoiler”

In the choices box that appears, “Mark as spoiler” ought to be visible. To designate anything as a spoiler, tick the box next to it, then click the window’s top border to dismiss the menu. You may choose to submit a picture, and it will be included in the message.

An option to designate a message as a spoiler may be found in a new window that appears when you tap on a picture that is part of a message. By default, this blurs the picture and makes it necessary for users to push before they can see it clearly.

Step 5: Verify the spoiler picture

Now the picture in the text window should be fuzzy. If not, something went wrong, and I would have to begin over. Although it is optional, adding text to the message is an option.

The chosen picture will now have a blur effect and an eye symbol will be seen in the centre after undergoing the desired process. As a result, the picture has been changed to a spoiler. After that, post it to your Discord server.

Step 6: Send in a spoiler photo

The picture should upload to the server and display SPOILER after you have confirmed that it has been spoiled, at which point you may submit it. Now others should be able to touch on the picture to see what it seems to be!

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Concluding Remark

Open the Discord app and click the “+” symbol to attach the picture before Spoilering it on the platform. After a brief click, connect the chosen picture to the text box area. As a consequence, a new window with a checkbox to label the picture as a spoiler will show up on the screen. To send the spoiler picture to your Discord channel, click on it. This article provided an example of how to share a spoiler picture on Discord Mobile. ComfortViral

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