How to Go Upstairs in The Sims 4

How to Go Upstairs or Downstairs in SIMS 4 Step by Step Guide?

Players still have an absurd amount of influence over the lives of the Sims they create in The Sims 4. Of course, you’ll want to have many floors if you’re travelling. Here are the steps for The Sims 4 Upstairs or Downstairs.

How to Go Upstairs in The Sims 4?

Step 1:

You may simply press the Page Up button on your keyboard to go up, modify the decorations, or see the layout of any structure in the game.

Step 2:

To move between levels, press the up and down arrows at the upper right of the screen.

Step 3:

Move your Sim to various levels of your home floor or building.

Step 4:

Right-click on the appropriate spot on the selected floor after pointing and clicking on the character window at the bottom of the screen.

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How to Go Downstairs in The SIMS 4?

Stuck on the top floor and want to go down to SIMS 4? Follow this step-by-step guide to downstairs it smoothly:

Step 1:

Simply click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the screen in step one. You’ll be directed to the lower level by the arrow.

Step 2:

Use the arrow once and double-click on it to go to the next lower level if you wish to.

Step 3:

At this point, you have the option of adding a layout to a certain floor or allowing your sim to interact with any aspect.

Step 4:

Press the Page Down button to swiftly examine any levels below, and then you’re done.

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Why can’t I upstairs or downstairs in The Sims 4?

Many causes prevail in the way toward going upstairs or downstairs in sims 4. Here are a few reasons that enable you to move upstairs or downstairs effectively:

  • Because Something’s in the way

In The Sims 4, if your Sim is unable to go up or down, it signifies that something is stopping them from going to another level. To see what’s in your Sim’s way, click the area next to the steps.

Even if they don’t contact the steps, a variety of things might obstruct the way.

For instance, fireplaces may lead to issues like this. Simmers hypothesized that this is caused by the bricks on the chimneys’ backs.

Try eliminating any fireplaces that are close to the stairs to see if the situation gets any better.

  • Remove the stairs and add them back to go Upstairs or Downstairs smoothly

The steps may have been harmed if the space around them is clean. Check to see whether your Sim can now move up and down the stairs by deleting them, saving your game, adding them back in, and so on.

A ladder may be used to replace stairs for going upstairs or downstairs effectively.

  • Remove the fence surrounding the staircase in Sims 4

Remove the fence or balustrade that surrounds the top or bottom of the steps to fix the problem that prevents your Sims from climbing up or down.

To finish the task, use the free fence installation tool. The remainder of the railing is yours to retain.

Many Sims 4 have discovered that if a ladder is surrounded by a fence, Sims cannot access that area. They are unable to utilize the stairs as a consequence.

The drawback of adopting this approach is that you could notice a few tiny graphics hiccups and your flash acting strangely at the top of the steps. In sum, by following this guide you can quickly go upstairs or downstairs in Sims 4 effectively. ComfortViral

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