Get to Thunder Bluff from Orgrimmar Vanilla

How to Get to Thunder Bluff from Orgrimmar Vanilla Step-by-Step Guide?

Nearly every Horde player has to go to Thunder Bluff at some point since it is home to a variety of unique trainers and businesses. We’ll walk you through getting to Thunder Bluff from Orgrimmar Vanilla step by step in this tutorial.

Guide to get to Thunder Bluff from Orgrimmar Vanilla

You may be interested in knowing how to travel to Thunder Bluff from places like the Barrens, Orgrimmar, etc. if you’re playing as an orc.

In World of Warcraft Classic, you can go to Thunder Bluff in this way.       

Step 1: Head North to reach the Zeppelin Tower

Start at the Undercity’s southernmost point. Once inside, turn north to go to the zeppelin tower from the entryway. The Orcs and Trolls region is located in Durotar, on the western side of the Zeppelin Tower, and is where Orgrimmar begins. Trolls are located in the south of Durotar, while orcs are located in the centre.

If the player is still alive, they must go from Orgrimmar to Razor Hill in the south. The Orcs will get there quickly, however, the Trolls would have to travel north to get there. You may purchase WoW Classic Gold there and level up while travelling to Razor Hill.

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Step 2: Head towards West to Razor Hill

Razor Hill has one player; turn west. The route takes the player to a bridge that spans the Southfury River as they go west. If your character has arrived at the Far Watch Post, have them keep travelling south on the road until they reach the crossroads. This is a 10–20 zone, therefore a low-level character should make plans to avoid mobs (bring some pals).

Step 3: Head south to Camp Taurajo

The player should reach Camp Taurajo by using the south side of the route. The most hazardous place is Camp Taurajo, therefore be cautious of level 20 foes since they may halt advancement. Turning right out of Taurajo, cross the mountains to the west.

To get to Stone bull Lake and Blood hoof Village, go northwest on the route. The only route to Thunder Bluff is through the elevators, which are what you will now be sent to. Find the flight commander if the player has arrived there.

How to get Thunder Bluff- Alliance?

When examining potential routes, Astrannar and Stonetalon Peak are really closer together. Travel southeast until you reach Los Baldos, then turn south from both settlements. Turning west from Taurajo Camp, take the route past Mulgore to Thunder Bluff.

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How to get Thunder Bluff- Horde?

Go to the zeppelin tower that’s halfway between Brill and the Ruins of Lordaeron. Players of the Forsaken begin in the Shallow Grave, which is northwest of here, and often discover this tower before entering the Undercity. The Orgrimmar Zeppelin, located in Durotar, the homeland of orcs and trolls, may be seen from the west side of the tower.

How to get Thunder Bluff- Neutral Cities?

Although Moonglade is open to all classes, only Druids have the ability to wallow there and utilise the city’s flying pathways. Exclusively Tauren and Night Elves are able to utilise these flying lanes, which only connect to Thunder Bluff and Darnassus. Any profession or class has access to standard flying routes outside of the city.

From Booty Bay in the Eastern Kingdoms, players from the Alliance and Horde may board a ship and go here. Take the route east to Crossroads, turn south, turn right at Camp Taurajo, and go to Mulgore since this hamlet is situated in The Barrens’ northern region. ComfortViral

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