Star in Notification Bar android

How to Disable the Star in Android Notification Bar?

How to disable the star in the notification bar on Android? You probably have accidentally set it. To remove it, just change the priority of notifications. It will now be hidden and your interrupt mode will be disabled.

What is the Star Icon on Android Status Bar?

The star icon in the notification bar is a notification that indicates that you have unread messages or incoming calls. But you can remove this notification icon by disabling it or by clearing the star icon.

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Remove Star Icon

Here are some tips for removing the star icon in your notification bar on Android.

Step 1: Settings & scroll down to Sound

Step 2: And in Sound scroll down and go to ‘Interruption’

Step 3: Then click on the first option. There are 3 visible options. Select the ‘Always interrupt’ option and you are done. Read More

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