How to Call Someone if They Blocked You

How to Call Someone if They Blocked You?

You may wonder how to call someone if they blocked you. There are many options some of them are here: using a landline, a payphone, or an anonymous number. However, you must understand that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The process may vary for different people. To call someone who has blocked you, follow the instructions below.

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Using a Code

Add this code *67 before a number you want to dial and your number will be shown as a private or unknown number. Like this *67-580-666-XXXX.

Using an Anonymous Number

Using an anonymous phone number to call someone who has blocked you is an easy way to get through to people you’d like to reach. The person who blocked you is taking action to stop unwanted contact, and if you continue to call them, it is a form of harassment and oppression. You can borrow a phone from a friend. It might work better if you explain that you need to call someone right away.

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Using a Landline

Blocking calls on your cell phone can be a real hassle. Many telephone service providers offer call blocking features that you can use to keep unwanted calls to a minimum. If you don’t have this feature, however, you can still use a landline to make calls to blocked numbers.

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Using a Payphone

Although payphones may seem outdated nowadays, they can still be a great way to call someone who has blocked you. While most people now have caller ID, you may be the only one with a payphone. So, what should you do? Use this advice to call a blocked number. Fortunately, the process is simple. Read More

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