Cat Facts Prank App

One Reddit user has created an app that will send out cat facts to your friends. You will think you’re getting an endless supply of information about cats, but instead, you’ll be charged for the service. In this prank, you can even attract a big cat by singing Calvin Klein’s “Obsession.”

Prank-Minded Reddit User

A prank-minded Reddit user created a prank app that sent daily cat facts to his younger cousin. The teenager had posted a “bored” plea on Facebook and offered up his number for entertainment. The prankster then sent texts to his cousin every day containing a new cat fact. The texts were generated by a Reddit user, and the teenager’s reactions made for cringe-worthy entertainment.

The “Cat Facts” prank is now the eighth most popular post on Reddit. The app automates the process of sending cat facts to your friends and colleagues. Despite the fact that it’s free, Cat Facts has a few in-app purchases. The app can be downloaded for free through Google Play and is compatible with Android devices.

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The Cat Facts app is free to download and offers complete anonymity. It requires that you have an email address and a phone number. You can send up to five cat facts at a time and the recipients will receive them anonymously. There are also in-app purchases to remove the ads.

The App has Problems Sending Texts

The Cat Facts prank app has encountered some problems sending texts. The app sends texts anonymously from a number that isn’t listed on the recipient’s phone. It also fails to provide a means to block the texts if they’re blocked. However, some users claim to be able to send more texts than the app allows for free. Some users have reported these issues to Google Play.

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There are other problems with the app, however. The app may not be reliable enough for some users, and the number of sent texts varies from person to person. Nonetheless, it’s a fun prank to send texts to people you know, and it’s an extremely popular meme. If you need to send multiple texts to different people, the Cat Facts app is definitely worth checking out.

The trick to Attract Big Cats with Calvin Klein’s “Obsession”

One interesting scent that makes big cats go crazy is a popular men’s perfume called Calvin Klein’s Obsession. The scent was originally derived from the glands of a small mammal called the civet, but these days most brands make it synthetically. Zoologists have long known that civetone attracts big cats, and this scent works because it contains civetone, which acts as a pheromone that is highly appealing to these creatures.

Luckily, zookeepers and field researchers are starting to use the cologne to lure these cats. Using scents that are attractive to cats, these scented rocks are being spotted by big cats, and some zookeepers have even spotted leopards and jaguars rubbing against them. These cats are then tracked half a mile to their destination.

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The tiger’s survival is relying on this scent, which has become a popular men’s perfume worldwide. It is so popular, in fact, that the Telangana Forest Department is now considering its use to attract big cats. A committee that is monitoring K4’s rescue is now urging forest rangers to spray the cologne on the cats to attract them.

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