Automate Your Audits With Drata

If you have to conduct compliance audits, Drata can make the process a lot easier. Its automation of the evidence collection process can make the audits run much faster and cost less. It helps you see how your security posture is performing. We’ll go over some of its features to help you automate your audits. Also, learn how to automate them yourself. You can get started today!

Automates Security & Compliance Audits

Drata provides a single platform to automate security and compliance audits for all SaaS services. It continuously monitors security controls across your organization and enables compliance audits in the most efficient manner. With its integrated SaaS services, Drata helps you build trust with your customers, accelerate sales, and scale securely. Drata automates compliance operations, evidence collection, and audit reminders. Its SaaS integrations allow you to easily monitor and control all aspects of your security program, providing you with one comprehensive picture of risk across your organization.

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HIPAA Compliance

Drata’s technology streamlines HIPAA compliance by automating the process of collecting and reporting on the SOC 2 (Service Organization Controls) report. It also enables companies to build trust with their customers and partners, as a clean SOC 2 report is an independent proof of security and compliance. Furthermore, Drata’s new HIPAA compliance solution incorporates complementary HIPAA security training and new policy templates. Existing Drata customers may also find that up to 81% of their controls apply to HIPAA.

Understand your Security Posture

There are several types of visibility: technical, operational, and organisational. Technical visibility involves knowing which devices and connections are exposed to external threats. Organizational visibility refers to knowing what to do to protect those assets. Companies face a complex IT environment where the number of end-user devices, servers, and cloud providers is growing exponentially. Therefore, an accurate inventory of all these assets is necessary to understand your security posture.

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How to Develop a Strong Security Posture?

To ensure that you’re defending your company from attacks, you must develop a strong security posture. Without it, you’re opening yourself up to a lot of risks and vulnerabilities. Visibility gaps are one of the most critical security management challenges today. But the good news is that there’s a solution – Drata. Whether you’re an enterprise or an SMB, Drata can help you get there.

Automates Evidence Collection

Drata, a startup focused on automating evidence collection, has raised $3.6 million from a variety of investors. The company is backed by Silicon Valley CISO Investments, GGV Capital, Okta Ventures, Leaders Fund, and SV Angel, and has many other notable industry supporters. To learn more about Drata, download its free trial today. Here are a few reasons why it makes so much sense to automate evidence collection:

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Drata offers an automated evidence collection solution, which automates compliance operations, and integrates with security monitoring software. Its platform provides continuous security monitoring and evidence collection, while also automating processes for security monitoring and employee onboarding. Its partners include world-class firms and complementary technology providers, which help Drata clients ensure their systems are compliant. Its platform automates evidence collection, security monitoring, and asset and personnel tracking.

Drata Makes Audits Go Faster and Cost Less

Drata’s standards for data collection, analysis, and reporting make audits faster and easier. The auditing team needs to get the data from the system, and the data provider might not know if it’s accurate. Before requesting data, sit down with the data provider and DBA to ask questions about how the data was generated. If possible, request data directly from the system. If not, ask about the constraints and queries used to create the data.

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