There are many alternatives to Litsolutions. These sites are designed for students of all levels, and many have a referral program where you can earn 10% for every new user that you refer. 

What are Litsolutions? 

Litsolutions is a study-assistance app for students. It provides access to over 50 million textbooks. It has an interactive user interface and offers step-by-step solutions for a variety of assignments and questions. Users can also access study guides and find resources on other subjects. It offers a free trial account. The app offers materials for all levels. It also offers a referral program where users can earn a 10% commission on new members. 

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Litsolutions Alternatives

  • StudyLib

Studylib has a comprehensive database of homework solutions for math, science, arts, and humanities subjects. It has an inbuilt flashcard explorer, and grammar checker, and allows users to create their own flashcards. It also has a library of over 30 million study materials. It also lets you share your notes and solutions with other users. StudyLib also offers a Chrome extension. 

StudyLib is free to use. Users can download up to five free solutions per book each month. The website also offers study guides for research and essay writing. You can also create custom flashcards, and even add audio to the cards. It is easy to use and has an attractive interface. It is also an excellent resource for college students.

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  • Crazy For Study

Crazy for Study is another popular alternative that has answers to study questions and textbook solutions. Crazy for Study is an online homework help service. It has over 50 million questions and a solution manual for each. The manual walks you through every step, making problem-solving a breeze. It also has a powerful homework Q&A section. This site is huge and is a great resource for students.

The website offers a free trial, as well as a large number of free textbooks. It also offers an online tutor for a wide range of subjects. You can use the free trial account to see if the service is right for you before buying a subscription. Crazy for Study offers more than 50 million books and is constantly uploading new ones. It covers major subjects including Finance, Marketing, Biology, and Chemistry. For $3 per month, this website lets you access unlimited solutions for study questions and textbooks. It also has a referral program to offer new members discounts.

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  • Book Rags

Another great Litanswers alternative is Book Rags, which has book summaries and lesson plans. There is also a Homework Help section for students to ask questions. These sites are both informative and convenient. They give expert opinions on all of your study questions. So, if you’re tired of scouring the web for answers to your questions, try these sites out and see how they compare.

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  • Bartleby

Another popular option is Bartleby, a comprehensive textbook solution resource owned by Barnes & Noble. It offers homework help, grammar and plagiarism checkers, citation formatting, and writing help. It’s available online and as an iOS app. ComfortViral

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